Sometimes you just need an icon…

Davis & Hodgdon Associates approached me about designing a postcard that would go out to their customers telling them about a new online offering. After playing around with the postcard design we decided that an icon was needed for this new division of their business. Having a visual representation for a division of business or program is sometimes way easier that writing the whole name out or having a paragraph of text explaining it every time. In this case “Remote Accounting Department” is a bit much to type out every time we need to describe “RAD”, but showing it visually is exactly what it needs to make it recognizable. If you are interested in finding out more about Davis & Hodgdon’s new Remote Accounting Department click here. Need an icon or multiple icons designed for your business or for your website? Give me a shout!

RAD Icon for Davis & Hodgdon Associates, Williston Vermont

New Work

Here are some fun projects I have done this Spring. It’s been very busy here and I am so grateful for all of the work my clients are sending my way!

Cambridge Cares Logo, Cambridge, VT

Cambridge Cares is a group in Cambridge, VT that is offering outreach support to folks in the community and getting them in touch with the services they may need. They came to me needing a flyer to post around town and we decided that this group really needed an identity. Sometimes that is how it all happens!

Brightworks Label Design, Cambridge, VT

Dan Batten needed a label and a logo designed for his beautiful woodenware company. After completing the Brightworks label Dan asked me to design a Signature Collection label. His work is amazing and you should check him out here.

EU 4x4 Engine Imports Logo, Cambridge, VT, Fletcher, VT

Based in Fletcher, Vermont, EU 4×4 Engine Imports imports Land Rovers from Europe and they hired me to design their logo.

Sue Small Bridal Website redesign project, Clifton Park, NY

Sue Small Bridal had an html website previously, but she really needed to move to a responsive site so that her customers could view her work more easily on their mobile devices. Making changes to the website and adding new images became a lot easier on the new platform. I kept with the same look and feel on this site, but made a few additions and added testimonials, which are very important in the wedding business.

AroMed Aromatherapy Labels

AroMed Aromatherapy Labels

Projects often come in waves. Right now it seems that I am designing a lot of labels. I LOVE designing labels. They can be challenging and they can be really fun. Don’t get it twisted. I really enjoy a challenge. This label project with AroMed Aromatherapy started over a year ago. At first Lauren really needed a logo that worked well for her and helped to embody all of the things that AroMed means to her. So, at first we worked on dialing in the logo, which turned out beautifully I think.

AroMed Aromatherapy Logo


After the logo was perfect then we started working on some of the essential oil labels. These labels are challenging because they are TEENY TINY. 1″ x 3″ on the essential oil bottles is not a lot of space to work with. When designing in such a small space it REALLY helps to choose a condensed font, which I did. Lauren now has over 45 different essential oils and now has a full line of adult Aromasticks and Jojoba blend roll-ons. She is working on a children’s blend line and has plans to expand the line of adult blends as demand increases. Choosing colors for all of the blends and EO bottles was something that took a lot of thought and careful organization. I want Lauren to be able to expand her product line without being limited by color choices. It helped me to lay all of the colors out on a sheet so I know not to repeat any colors or get too close to the colors we have already chosen.

Lauren has a new office opening in Montpelier, Vermont, so please take the time to like Lauren’s Facebook Page and contact her for a consultation. Her cold and flu blend got us through a rough cough recently. Amazing stuff!

Ravenscroft Farm Logo and Label Design

Ravenscroft Farm Logo

Ravenscroft Label

I recently designed a logo for our neighbors up the hill who have a maple sugaring business. They make yummy Vermont maple products right around the corner from our house. It was time for them to get some labels so they could sell their products in gift baskets around the northeast. I am so glad I could help them out because these labels turned out great and I love the Kraft paper look.