New Design Work

  • On September 8, 2016 ·
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It has been a busy summer here and I thought I would do a roundup of some new work. Specifically, I wanted to showcase some work that I have done for Davis & Hodgdon and Copper Leaf Financial. Some of the things I have done for them recently include postcards, brochures, infographics, social media cards and a popup tradeshow screen.

Infographic Design, Social Media Card Design, Cambridge, Vermont

Featured here is a social media card design that tells potential employees and new clients how to follow this very tech savvy accounting firm online and on social media. To the right is an infographic that I was asked to design to help tell the story of DHA and CLF to attract potential employees at job fairs.

Print Template Design, Postcard Design, Cambridge, Vermont

On the left is a business template that I designed to be used in word processing software. The header and footer are static and the center can be updated by the client. On the right are 2 direct mail postcards that I designed for them to send to their clients before tax season.

Brochure, Branding, Identity, Print Design, Cambridge, Vermont

Davis & Hodgdon recently added partners, so their letterhead needed an update. I also designed a notepad for their 2 companies. To the right is the Copper Leaf Financial corporate brochure that I designed.

Tradeshow banner design, Cambridge, Vermont

As mentioned above, Davis & Hodgdon will be doing some recruiting this fall and they needed a popup screen designed for this purpose. This popup screen was designed to have an area in the middle where they can have images and videos projected during events.